Transforming Transactions Globally

Tidebinder provides simple solutions for companies to interact with the Lightning Network. With our tools you can start quickly and focus on building and running your product. You control your private keys, while Tidebinder takes care of the infrastructure.

Our Service

Everyone should control their private keys without the complexity of infrastructure management. We take care of the complicated parts, so you can focus on what’s important: scaling your business.

Smart Scaling

Optimize your operational costs by leveraging our infrastructure build on top of Greenlight.

Instant Liquidity

By using the power of Breez liquidity services you will never worry about receiving payments.

High Reliability

With our enterprise grade infrastructure, one-click updates and backups you get peace of mind.

Our Products

We are committed to building our solutions on an open-source foundation, actively contributing to and enhancing the community. We allocate 10% of our profits to support open-source development, ensuring robust, continuously evolving tools for developers and businesses.


BTCPay Server is a free, open-source bitcoin payment gateway that allows individuals and businesses to accept bitcoin payments online or in person.


LNbits is an open-source Lightning account system with extensions, enabling easy API use, account management, and LNURL functionality.

TB Conductor

Managed enterprise grade API with self custody (VLS), fully featured lightning network capabilities (LNURL) and simple integrations with our SDK.

About Us

We believe in the transformative power of Bitcoin and sovereignty. Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses with the tools to enable permissionless global commerce. Together, we are building towards financial freedom for everyone.


Specializing in secure infrastructure deployment, Aljaz is key in ensuring our services are robust and reliable.


Daniel’s passion and experience in business development plays a crucial role in bringing our technology to market.


As an enthusiastic Rust engineer with 20 years of experience, Tim is responsible for building our scalable platform. 

Become a Tide-Builder

Start building effortlessly on the Lightning Network with our open-source based platform. Ideal for developers and businesses looking to innovate without the hassle, becoming a TideBUILDER allows you to deploy and test easily. Dive into instant Bitcoin transactions with us and make fintech self sovereign again.